giovedì 5 settembre 2013

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Brink Magazine / United States

Q&A: Artist Rinat Shingareev

Being a professional artist requires you to have an immense amount of passion along with the ability to continuously become inspired into creating new pieces all the time. Artist Rinat Shingareev exhibits both of these qualities in his work, every day. Rinat is an artist who enjoys painting people that are currently in the public eye and are ‘pop culture icons’. We were able to sit down and chat with Rinat about what it takes to be a professional artist and about the steps that he takes when creating a new piece.

What would you say inspires you the most?

I consider that professional artists don’t necessarily have inspiration. This is a misconception. My main inspiration is the desire to constantly create something new and to have the most interesting ideas. The love of the art and satisfaction from the projects can inspire you to do great work, in the classic sense.

How do you choose which artist, or what, to paint?

I always try to choose the most actual and bright character of that moment. This person must have a unique talent to reach the highest heights in sports, music, and show business. This person should also encourage others to do great things through their activities.

What would you say is most important when selling your artwork?

I believe that an artist shouldn't care about the sales of their work. This should be on the minds of the art dealers and sales managers who work closely with the artist. It's very important to have a reliable and professional team who responsibly treat the business and will be able to find great deals. The artist, in turn, should think only about how to create a masterpiece.

If you had to pick one, which piece would you say is your favorite?

I wouldn't want to single out any of my work, as in each of them I have put heart and soul. Although the process of creating any new work inspired me so much that I consider it the best, because I see my professional growth in the artistic technique and in the realization of the idea.

How do you feel about your artwork, in general?

First of all art for me it is a challenge. Challenge with myself and my abilities. It's necessary to remember that art is also a universal means of communication that connects people all over the world and gives you the chance to change the world for the better by changing the inner world of at least one person.

What is one piece of advice that you would give somebody that is looking to become an artist?

The only thing I could say that the presence of talent does not make the young artist automatically successful. It’s necessary to develop the talent continuously, working on it 24 hours a day, to look for new and interesting ideas and to realize them in the best way. We live in a world of high technology where you need to use every opportunity to present your art to people around the world. This, I think, is the most simple and at the same time the most difficult key to success.

By Arielle Ozery