mercoledì 23 gennaio 2013

Yahoo / France

Les grands de ce monde se la jouent pop-art

Barack Obama en costume de super héros, Angela Merkel avec d'imposantes fleurs rouges en guise de coiffe, le rappeur A$AP Rocky entouré de deux religieuses ou Michael Jackson en ange aux ailes noires... Les icônes modernes prennent la pause pop sous le pinceau saturé et satirique de Rinat Shingareev.

L'artiste russe transpose ainsi les personnalités dans un autre univers ou les revisite avec une mimique inédite. "La peinture à l'huile est alors la meilleure manière de jouer sur les différents contrastes pour obtenir des combinaisons de couleurs inattendues qui révèlent une nouvelle facette de leurs personnalités", explique-t-il au "Nouvel Observateur".

Son travail sur les stars et la lumière n'est pas sans rappeler celui d'Andy Warhol. "Cet homme était un génie et en avance sur son temps. Son point de vue sur l'art et la philosophie m'inspirent dans le but d'apporter une nouvelle approche de l'art pop".

By Cédric Cousseau | Le Nouvel Observateur

Boardilla / Brazil Spain Italy

venerdì 18 gennaio 2013

JAGR Magazine / Japan

Rinat Shingareev for JAGR

Graduated in Fine Arts in Russia and Italy, Rinat Shingareev has a cosmopolitan vision of our world, so busy and noisy that only a brush of saturated colors and a mind of electric thoughts can imagine. As a successor of Pop Art, he uses the daily images of famous and powerful people, which appears in newspapers, adverts and TV (our current icons), to approach them to unknown and ordinary viewers, who admire (and sometimes fear) those personalities so far from their environment, so influential in their decisions.
With his technically perfect portraits, Rinat Shingareev wants to question people role in society, because nobody is so different if you see them with new colors in a new dimension: from Elisabeth I to Elisabeth II of England only a dress and a smile is the gap (maybe the glasses too, the older queen would use a monocle) and from the prince Charles to a young in jeans only the fringe makes a difference.
Rinat is looking for unions, he dislikes disagrements: only positive emotions.
Today he is touted by the Italian Maxim magazine as “one of the most talented artists in the world".

リナット・シンガリーブはロシアとイタリアでファイン・アートを勉強し、コスモポリタンな世界的視野と行動力をもつ人である。彼の浸透した色と奇妙な思考だけが今の忙しくて騒々しい世の中を映し出している。ポップ・アートの一人として、彼は日常の新聞やテレビ、CMなどに出ている有名人や影響力のある人物のイメージを使いアートを作っている。そして有名人が好きで又は恐る、あと影響されやすい視聴者達に接近している。彼の完璧な肖像をとおして、リナット・シンガリーブはこの社会においての人の役割を質問する。その理由は、新しい色や角度から見てみると誰もそう違いはないからだ。イギリスのエリザベス女王I とエリザベス女王IIの違いはだったのドレスやスマイルくらいだろう。(もしくはメガネの違いかな)そしてチャールス王子とジーパンの若者の違いはほんの少しだけだ。

Trendland / US

Rinat Shingareev’s Pop Icon Paintings

Rinat Shingareev, self proclaimed “Best Artist Alive,” always knew that being an artist was his destined fate. Carefully orchestrating large painted portraits, he brings saturated colors, unusual situations and familiar personalities into Pop-art iconography. ”I believe in the idea that my art should bring only positive emotions,” says Shingareev, and he knows how to pull if off, illuminating the spirit of our times in an almost absurd yet honest way. ”My paintings portray personalities and faces that we meet only through newspapers, magazines, on-line, TV screens or on the radio. In my paintings I invite you to look at these unapproachable personalities from a different point of view, one which reveals more of their human qualities.” Can you name them all?

By Amanda Jakubik

Sho / Ukraine