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Rinat Shingareev: Pop Art That Speaks Values

Artists often dwell on the freedom to escape and express themselves, but what happens when you escape to paint reality? Propelled by passion, Russian artist Rinat Shingareev paints the moments in modern history in order to share his ideologies. Inviting us to see a new perspective within pop culture and rising cultural, political and historical awareness – he empowers us to reflect on the times of our society.

Overwhelmed with the urge to create, Shingareev began to explore his artistry at the age of four and went to art school at the age of six.

During his years of early study in Russia, Shingareev concentrated on classical art where there were several limitations and rules. After transitioning from various creative professions such as interior and web design, Shingareev found himself developing a great appreciation for the art of painting.

Once he graduated from the Fine Arts School of Russia he moved to Italy to continue his education at the Academy of Fine Arts. It was here where the young artist stumbled across an array of opportunities and truly found his inspiration in Pop Art. “In Italy, my studies were focused mainly on the practice, as well as various experiments in fashion, photography and design. I lived for many years in Italy and, personally, for me this country is an ideal place for creativity. If every artist has his muse, my main muse is just Italy,” says Shingareev.

Fascinated by culture and the exchange of ideas, Shingareev’s work reveals the richness of diversity and the spirit of our era. His keen interest for pop art has given him the ample room for freedom, growth and stimulation. With bright colors, sharp lines and unusual contrasts he is able to eloquently convey a message. “I use religious images and symbols to focus on the refusal of our society to move from spiritual values in exchange for material benefits. Also, I explore the cult of personality,” adds Shingareev.

Using various techniques, different styles and over one hundred portraits in oil, the artist revealed that his only challenge is in finding more daring, original and fresh concepts. Up to now, Shingareev’s most popular piece has been his portrait of Barack Obama, which was published on a plethora of magazine covers.

Inspired by Bacon and Rothko to Raphael and Michelangelo, the young artist is also inspired by music. The young artist disclosed that he spends up to seven to eight hours a day in the comfort of his studio surrounded by an energetic atmosphere created by the music that inspires his work, which is mainly electronic and hip-hop music. “Each work is an indication of my technical growth and connects me with a certain moment in my life,” shares Shingareev.

At the moment, he is working on a large number of works on commission and experimenting with fashion design and videos. Engulfing his heart and soul into his work, Shingareev would love for his pieces to stir different emotions for everyone. “I want the world to remember me as the greatest artist of our time who’s made a difference. I want to be the Jay-Z of the world of art, the new Andy Warhol with the technique of Leonardo Da Vinci.”

By: Astrid Sarmiento (@lilpoetrid)

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