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3 Dot Mag / US / Interview

Who is Rinat Shingareev

Who is Rinat Shingareev?
I am a professional artist from Italy who creates unique artworks. For me, art is a universal means of communication that brings together people with different cultures and traditions. In my work, I appeal to the whole world revealing my thoughts and emotions and so my work doesn't leave people indifferent. Also I would like to add that my work has been published in many international editions such as GQ, Forbes, Taschen, Zeit and others and Maxim magazine Italy was the first who called me one of the most talented artists in the world.

Any professional training?
My art education begins in Russia where I graduated from art school. During the years of studies I got the basic knowledge that I useful in the future and that I was able to develop already in Italy at the Academy of Fine Arts. In Italy, my studies was focused mainly on the practice, as well as various experiments in fashion, photography and design. Also, thanks to the academy, I participated in a large number of collective exhibitions and other cultural events.

Who or what inspires you and your artwork?
I can say that my greatest inspiration is the desire to create an absolute masterpiece. Every time I try to surpass myself and realize more bold, special and interesting work, using to the maximum of all the opportunities offered me by my art. Probably it will sound banal but you simply have to create hits to achieve the highest heights. This is the whole secret.

Can you explain your creative process or techniques?
My studio is the perfect place for creativity. Practically every day I spend here for seven to eight hours. I don't like when someone distracts me from my work and therefore I always work alone. The only thing I need while working is an energetic atmosphere created by the music that inspires me and energizes me with working energy. Generally it is electronic music and hip-hop.
As for the working process it passes quite classically. All my works are painted in oil on canvas. For me it's the most convenient and versatile material that gives you unlimited possibilities in technical plan. All stages of artwork creation performed manually without use of any digital processing.      

Where has your work been shown?
I participated in a large number of collective exhibitions in Italy, Germany and Austria. This is an excellent and interesting experience that inspires you and gives you new possibilities. In addition my works are exposed in some galleries in Italy.

Who or what influences you to keep creating?
The art is interesting precisely because it is varied and unlimited. My inspirations range from Bacon and Warhol to Raphael and Michelangelo. With these being my influences, I can create work with modern and classical twists. Overall, I think that my work reflects my love for the maniacal detail and grace of classical art in addition to the boundless forms of self-expression of modern art.

Color or black and white and why?
I'm positive and confident person and I am sure that my art specularly reflects my character. I want my work to cause different emotions in people, give them a reason for reflection, stimulate imagination. And I can realize all this only through the use of a rich palette of colors, unusual contrasts and transitions. This is the first thing you'll notice when looking at my work. The colors help me to create the mood of my work and  to reveal more fully my personage.

Favorite quotes of all time?
"Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?" Steve Jobs

"Solving big problems is easier than solving little problems." Sergey Brin

"I would call myself the new Andy Warhol, wishing to reach the level of Leonardo Da Vinci. " Rinat Shingareev

What would you tell the youth about living the creative lifestyle?
Be an artist and lead creative lifestyle is much complicated than it might seem. To be successful, it's not enough to simply create artworks but you must also have the skills of an entrepreneur and manager. It is also very important to create a team of professionals which could be engaged in various aspects of promoting your art and sooner or later you reach your goals, get satisfaction and you will see the fruits of your labor .

What’s next for Rinat Shingareev?
At the moment my attention is concentrated generally at my personal exhibition. It will be a great and special event. Besides that I also work on other projects, including the autobiographical book and experiments in fashion design.

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Green Label / US / Interview


Rinat Shingareev is an artist that melds the worlds of contemporary art and classic portraiture. The self-proclaimed "Best Artist Alive" has been featured internationally on the covers and within the pages of magazines like Maxim, GQ, Forbes, and more. His subjects include folks like Drake, Kanye West, Richard Branson, Pharrell, and Mark Zuckerberg, just to name a few.

We spoke with the artist and in addition to opening up about his classic and modern influences, Rinat also shares what he aims to accomplish by presenting his work in the way that he has.

How long have you been painting? When and how did you get started?
I don't know when I decided to start painting, but I can say with confidence that from the very beginning I had an idea to create something great and special that could change the world. With my work, I set out to make an indelible mark and leave my name etched in history. I came to the conclusion that I would be able to achieve this thanks to my artistic talent, will, and desire. If painting hadn't been my discipline of choice, I would have become a writer or musician. In any case, I would need some way to release my creative energy.

What is the process like when it comes to selecting your subjects?
The main purpose of my art is the desire to transmit the spirit of my era through the portraits of famous people who have achieved the highest heights in sports, music, politics, and other spheres of activity. So I always choose actual, interesting, and bright characters, talented and special people, which happen to be the major figures of our time. How else could you capture these moments in history if not through figures who are so popular among ordinary people?! It also helps that many of them possess a fantastic charisma, which gives even more magic to my work.

How long does a piece usually take you to complete?
In a year, I create about twenty works. I'd say one painting takes me from two to three weeks, but it all depends on the complexity and size of the canvas.

Your work is a mixture of Pop art and classic portraiture, can you speak on that a bit?
I think that my interest in Pop Art came about during the years of study while at the academy in Italy. In Russia, all my artistic education was focused only on classical art, where there is a particular set of limits and additionally severe rules. Pop Art was, for me, a real revelation! It is an artistic movement full of freedom where you can realize and present the boldest ideas. The art is interesting precisely because it is varied and unlimited. My inspirations range from Bacon and Warhol to Raphael and Michelangelo. With these being my influences, I can create work with modern and classical twists. Overall, I think that my work reflects my love for the maniacal detail and grace of classical art in addition to the boundless forms of self-expression of modern art. I would call myself the new Andy Warhol, wishing to reach the level of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Are there any other mediums you enjoy working with other than oils?
At the moment, I have painted over a hundred portraits, having been able to execute my most courageous and original ideas. With each new work, I create, for myself, a more complex challenge and I've always been able to execute it thanks to a lot of practice with oil painting. For me, it's the most convenient and universal material which gives you unlimited possibilities in technical terms. I also experiment with other materials, but I didn't reach a desirable result with them.

As an artist can you describe the feeling you get when you see your work displayed in magazines?
Naturally it gives you pleasure when your works are published by magazines like GQ, Maxim, Forbes, Zeit and others. I would consider these small achievements because these magazines have such a huge audience which allows you to present your art to readers from around the world. Promotion of this kind opens up new opportunities and helps you to find new clients. I believe that if you are talented and create something unique, every person on the earth should know your name, and then from there they can decide to love you or to ignore you.

Have you or would you like to transition to having your work in galleries?
Yes, of course, in the past I have regularly collaborated with various galleries, but at the moment all my attention is concentrated on my big personal exhibition.

Have there been any instances where your subjects reached out to purchase your work?
Some subjects featured in my paintings have contacted me to acquire their portraits. Generally they were businessmen and even some politicians. Later on I went on to take on some commissioned work for some of them.


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A.R.T.S.Y Magazine / US

Rinat Shingareev: Pop Art That Speaks Values

Artists often dwell on the freedom to escape and express themselves, but what happens when you escape to paint reality? Propelled by passion, Russian artist Rinat Shingareev paints the moments in modern history in order to share his ideologies. Inviting us to see a new perspective within pop culture and rising cultural, political and historical awareness – he empowers us to reflect on the times of our society.

Overwhelmed with the urge to create, Shingareev began to explore his artistry at the age of four and went to art school at the age of six.

During his years of early study in Russia, Shingareev concentrated on classical art where there were several limitations and rules. After transitioning from various creative professions such as interior and web design, Shingareev found himself developing a great appreciation for the art of painting.

Once he graduated from the Fine Arts School of Russia he moved to Italy to continue his education at the Academy of Fine Arts. It was here where the young artist stumbled across an array of opportunities and truly found his inspiration in Pop Art. “In Italy, my studies were focused mainly on the practice, as well as various experiments in fashion, photography and design. I lived for many years in Italy and, personally, for me this country is an ideal place for creativity. If every artist has his muse, my main muse is just Italy,” says Shingareev.

Fascinated by culture and the exchange of ideas, Shingareev’s work reveals the richness of diversity and the spirit of our era. His keen interest for pop art has given him the ample room for freedom, growth and stimulation. With bright colors, sharp lines and unusual contrasts he is able to eloquently convey a message. “I use religious images and symbols to focus on the refusal of our society to move from spiritual values in exchange for material benefits. Also, I explore the cult of personality,” adds Shingareev.

Using various techniques, different styles and over one hundred portraits in oil, the artist revealed that his only challenge is in finding more daring, original and fresh concepts. Up to now, Shingareev’s most popular piece has been his portrait of Barack Obama, which was published on a plethora of magazine covers.

Inspired by Bacon and Rothko to Raphael and Michelangelo, the young artist is also inspired by music. The young artist disclosed that he spends up to seven to eight hours a day in the comfort of his studio surrounded by an energetic atmosphere created by the music that inspires his work, which is mainly electronic and hip-hop music. “Each work is an indication of my technical growth and connects me with a certain moment in my life,” shares Shingareev.

At the moment, he is working on a large number of works on commission and experimenting with fashion design and videos. Engulfing his heart and soul into his work, Shingareev would love for his pieces to stir different emotions for everyone. “I want the world to remember me as the greatest artist of our time who’s made a difference. I want to be the Jay-Z of the world of art, the new Andy Warhol with the technique of Leonardo Da Vinci.”

By: Astrid Sarmiento (@lilpoetrid)

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Centoparole Magazine / Italy / Interview

Rinat Shingareev: lo spirito della contemporaneità

Rinat Shingareev, giovane artista russo che con l’Italia ha un legame speciale, è conosciuto e apprezzato ormai in tutto il mondo per le sue opere insolite, colorate, ‘Pop’. Entriamo in contatto con lui attraverso la Rete – il mezzo di comunicazione ‘Pop’ per eccellenza, ormai – e veniamo subito colpiti dal suo italiano perfetto e dalla sua spontaneità e cordialità. Con lui parliamo proprio di Pop Art, e dei suoi progetti per il futuro. 

Rinat, vorremmo chiederti di te, delle tue origini e delle tue esperienze più importanti. Com’è iniziata la tua passione per l’arte?

Ho ventott’anni e sono nato in Russia. Parlando delle mie più importanti esperienze partirei proprio dalla Russia, dove ho concluso i miei studi alla scuola d’arte e durante i quali ho frequentato una moltitudine di corsi diversi, da design d’interni a Web design. Il desiderio di aumentare il livello di conoscenza mi ha spinto dalla Russia fino in Italia dove mi sono laureato con 110 e lode all’Accademia di Belle Arti. Non volendo perdere tempo mi sono concentrato totalmente sulla mia arte, ho continuato a dipingere e fare mostre collettive in giro per l’Italia, Germania e Austria.
Uno dei ricordi più belli di quei tempi è stato l’articolo di Luca Telese, che mi ha dedicato sulle pagine di Maxim Italia. È stato una grande soddisfazione e stimolo per andare avanti e realizzare i progetti più interessanti e originali.
Posso dire che le mie passioni, ovviamente, a parte l’arte, sono i viaggi e lo sport. Se l’arte ti da soddisfazione spirituale, lo sport ti rende più forte fisicamente e ti carica di energia produttiva.

Quando hai iniziato a dipingere Pop Art? Come mai sei stato attratto da quel movimento artistico?

Penso che il mio interesse per la Pop Art sia apparso esattamente durante gli anni di studio presso l’accademia in Italia. Se in Russia tutta la mia formazione artistica era concentrata solo sull’arte classica, dove ci sono limiti precisi e regole severe, la Pop Art è stata per me una vera rivelazione: l’arte piena di libertà dove puoi realizzare le idee più audaci. In seguito, anche la mia tesi è stata dedicata alla Pop Art e ai principali esponenti del movimento che mi hanno ispirato e grazie ai quali ho subito capito che cosa voglio fare in futuro.

Hai uno stile preferito?

L’arte è interessante proprio perché è varia e illimitata e quindi è molto difficile scegliere uno stile specifico. Le mie preferenze nell’arte variano da Bacon e Warhol a Raffaello e Michelangelo. Con lo stesso interesse posso visitare sia le mostre d’arte moderna che quella classica. Eppure, se dovessi scegliere, probabilmente avrei scelto i grandi maestri del Rinascimento e i loro indiscutibili capolavori.

Cosa pensi dell’Italia e della Pop Art in Italia, o, più in generale, dell’Arte Contemporanea nel nostro paese?

Vivo da molti anni in Italia e devo dire che personalmente per me il vostro paese è un posto ideale per la creatività. Il clima caldo, ottima cucina, un gran numero di mostre e musei hanno un ottimo impatto sul processo lavorativo e mi ispirano a nuove opere. Se ogni artista ha la sua musa, la mia musa principale è proprio l’Italia!
Per quanto riguarda l’arte contemporanea in generale, per gli artisti, in Italia, ci sono ottime condizioni per la promozione della propria creatività grazie alle numerose gallerie d’arte che sono disposti a collaborare con te, oltre a molti eventi artistici tenuti dal comune. Inoltre, ogni anno con grande piacere visito la fiera d’arte contemporanea di Milano e la Biennale di Venezia, dove è possibile non solo passare bel tempo, ma anche stabilire contatti con le persone del settore.

La fotografia, secondo te, è arte? Che cosa ne pensi?

Sì, naturalmente, la fotografia è anche una forma d’arte. Se partiamo dall’idea che l’arte è un processo di espressione del mondo esterno o interno in un’immagine artistica, la fotografia è solo un mezzo per raggiungere questo obiettivo, come la pittura per un artista, la musica per un musicista o le opere letterarie per uno scrittore. Sei tu a scegliere il modo d’espressione più adatto a te dei tuoi sentimenti ed emozioni.
Anch’io uso la fotografia e forse, un giorno, la porterò al livello della pittura, ma per ora tutto questo rimane solo in forma di esperimenti. Tra fotografi contemporanei preferisco, certamente, David LaChapelle, anche se vi consiglio di prestare attenzione anche a Gui Martinez e Benoit Paille.

É stato difficile imparare le tecniche per la realizzazione di opere Pop, o, per te, applicarle?

Posso dire che io stesso ho sviluppato il mio stile, nonostante il fatto che all’inizio del mio percorso mi sia ispirato alle opere dei rappresentanti principali della Pop Art. Non sono sicuro che esistano delle tecniche speciali nella Pop Art, ma la maggior parte delle opere hanno, fra loro, le stesse caratteristiche come l’uso dei colori brillanti e di noti personaggi ed oggetti.

Molti dei suoi soggetti sono persone; come mai questa scelta? Rappresentare personaggi famosi, come i politici ad esempio, in stile Pop è difficile?

Prima di tutto, vorrei dire che lo scopo principale della mia arte è il desiderio di trasmettere lo spirito della mia epoca attraverso i personaggi che giocano un ruolo chiave nei settori come la politica, sport, lo show business e via dicendo.
Scelgo sempre i personaggi più brillanti e interessanti. E prima di iniziare una nuova opera studio a lungo la persona scelta, cerco di trovare le emozioni più precise. Quelle emozioni che possono trasmettere la mia idea al massimo, nel modo migliore, e rendere il lavoro indimenticabile e speciale.
Devo dire che sul lato tecnico non sento assolutamente nessun tipo di difficoltà. Invece la maggior sfida per me è quella di trovare un’idea grazie alla quale poter descrivere, quanto possibile, il mio personaggio e raccontare dal mio punto di vista il suo percorso della vita, ed anche sottolineare i momenti più importanti nella sua storia.

Quando dipingi cerchi sempre una storia, un messaggio da trasmettere, o sei attratto anche dall’emozione pura e dall’immediatezza?

In ogni mio lavoro metto un certo significato. Vorrei che la mia arte potesse provocare diverse emozioni nelle persone, desse loro un motivo di riflessione, stimolasse la fantasia. Alla fine, ogni opera d’arte può suscitare mille pareri ed interpretazioni.

Suggeriresti a uno studente che sente di avere uno spirito creativo dentro di se di esprimerlo attraverso l’Arte Contemporanea? Cosa gli diresti?

Prima di tutto, un aspirante artista deve credere in se stesso, nelle sue forze e nella sua arte. È molto probabile che all’inizio del suo percorso incontri mille difficoltà, ma se ha veramente qualcosa da dire al suo pubblico, prima o poi raggiungerà il suo obiettivo.
Inoltre, vorrei aggiungere che la presenza del talento in una persona non farà di lei automaticamente un artista di successo. È necessario sviluppare costantemente il proprio talento, lavorando ventiquattr’ore al giorno su se stessi, cercando idee nuove e interessanti e realizzandole nel miglior modo possibile. È la strada più semplice e allo stesso tempo più difficile per arrivare al successo.

Hai in progetto una mostra personale in Italia? Anche a Trieste, magari?

Sì, ho l’intenzione di organizzare una grande mostra personale in Italia. Molto probabilmente a Milano.
L’Italia è un bellissimo paese ricco di storia e arte, con città fantastiche pieni di musei e monumenti importanti. Quale altro paese potrebbe andare bene per il mio progetto?!
Non sono mai stato a Trieste, ma mi piacerebbe molto visitare la vostra città e chissà, magari in futuro presentarci anche la mia arte.

Serena Bobbo © centoParole Magazine – riproduzione riservata

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NEW! / Barack Obama 2015 / Oil On Canvas

Tube Magazine / US

Bright and Bold: A Word About Rinat Shingareev

Rinat Shingareev is out to capture the essence our era through the power of pop art. An artist who paints oil portraits of the most famous faces of today, he works in the bold and bright colors reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Shingareev went to art school in Russia, where he was raised.  He explored many courses, from interior design to web design  and showed many of his paintings in gallery shows.He finished his education in Italy, where he graduated with honors from the Fine Art Academy. After graduation, he continued painting and exhibiting in group shows throughout Italy, Germany, and Austria. He also worked with magazines such as MAXIM (Italy), ZEIT Magazine (Germany), Forbes Magazine (Latvia, Estonia), among others. The artist currently lives and works in Italy.
Shingareev’s paintings juxtapose famous figures like Michelle Obama, George W. Bush, Madonna, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West with startling symbolism like the Wonder Woman costume (Obama) or a giant bunny (Bush). The inferences drawn from these combinations are an interesting commentary on the well-known faces in today’s society. Shingareev’s Facebook and Blogspot proclaim him as ‘The Best Artist Alive’. Whether that is true or not is in the eye of the beholder.