venerdì 24 febbraio 2012

Apollodoro / Italy

                L’arte dei ritratti di Rinat Shingareev: da Berlusconi a Michael Jackson.

Vi presentiamo i ritratti artistici di Rinat Shingareev, misterioso artista russo che ha una visione alquanto colorata della vita. Il pittore si definisce spesso come un semplice ‘osservatore’: attraverso i suoi colori lui commenta in bilico fra la pop art e la psichedelia la vita e soprattutto i volti di tutti i giorni. Ci sono infatti visi che vediamo costantemente in tv, sui giornali, sui blog e sui manifesti, le loro voci ci arrivano attraverso la radio e la televisione, eppure c’è sempre qualche loro sfaccettatura che ci sfugge. E Shingareev cerca di cogliere i lati nascosti sotto i volti abitudinari.

La ricetta delle tele ad olio di Rinat Shingareev è assai semplice: prendi delle personalità o celebrità familiari a tutti, le metti in una situazione insolita e le condisci con un po’ di sana iconografia pop. Tutto per riuscire a svelarne qualità più umane e insospettate, il lato dolce e le emozioni positive nascoste dietro alla facciata presentata davanti ai mass media.

Non pensate che Shingareev faccia politica: lui dice sempre che si avvicina ai suoi modelli con rispetto, senza nessun pregiudizio politico o ideologico che possa influenzare la sua arte. Le sue figure ispirano simpatia, sorpresa, talvolta sono buffe e curiose, talvolta suscitano qualche timore, ma è assai difficile rimanere indifferenti davanti alla loro arte.

Rinat Shingareev è un artista di origini russe, di cui non si sa molto a dire il vero, ma le sue opere sono già un vero e proprio cult per gli amanti del genere. Se volete continuare a seguire la sua opera, che ne dite di continuare a seguirlo sulla sua pagina Facebook?


mercoledì 22 febbraio 2012

Art Nouveau Magazine / US

Art and Aesthetic Aces: Is Rinat Shingareev the Best Artist Alive?

Russian artist Rinat Shingareev‘s Facebook page proudly proclaims he’s the “best artist alive.” I know, I know, you’ve heard that before. Rinat may or may not be the best, especially when legends like Ron English, Banksy and Kehinde Wiley are still well, alive and very productive. But the 25-year old artist, is on to something very extraordinary.

The world according to Rinat is bright, rich and filled with visual references to the biggest memes and artists in pop music and culture. Politics and Music collide as Rinat renders Lil’ B as a martyred Jesus smiling as the American Flag flutters in the background, GaGa in the nude, a tearful George Bush, all in a striking realistic oil technique. Take a closer look at Rinat’s work and read our interview below.

Art Nouveau: Where are you from? Where are you based?

Rinat Shingareev: I’m from Russia, but for 10 years I have lived and worked in Italy. I’ve never stood still and a lot of traveling. New places, cultures and people have also influenced my art.

AN: You’ve painted GaGa, Madonna, Lil’ B and Nicki Minaj to name a few, music is an obvious influence in your work. What are you listening to in your studio these days?

RS: Music has always played a big role for me and is the main source of inspiration. I was educated with Breakbeats, Jungle and Hip-Hop. Sometimes I like to listen to classical compositions. Next was the era of Trance and Progressive House. I remained a fan while the genre did not evolve. It was a time of night clubs and festivals. Now in my studio I listen to hip-hop, Dub Techno and Deep House. Right now I’m playing the new Ski Beatz album.

AN: You’ve been called pop-successor, how important is Andy Warhol and his legacy to pop art to you and your work?

RS: At the Art Academy I learned a lot of material and was very impressed with Pop artists, even my thesis has been devoted them. I’m especially close to art and the philosophy of Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns. Andy Warhol was a genius and advanced for his time. His vision of the things and ideas were revolutionary, that forever changed the art.

AN: You’ve begun to translate your art to t-shirts and hats. What signaled this idea?

RS: It was a very successful experiment! In the Academy I studied fashion and design and for a long time and planned to be engaged by fashion design. I recently released a small line of t-shirts and caps with my work, which sold for a few days. I still get messages from people who want to buy my t-shirts. This is a great way to go beyond the painting and present my art outside of the galleries, the Internet and books, but a simple image on clothing. Now I’m very busy with other projects, but in future I will continue to develop this idea.

AN: How important is achieving realism to your work ?

RS: Achieving realism is not the main purpose of my work, but bright and rich colors, various transitions and a large amount of detail help me to tell more in detail my personage and to transfer the basic idea.

AN: A lot of your work borrows heavily from pop culture. Why do you feel it important to highlight these references?

RS: I believe that the basis of Pop Art will always be actual, only the tendencies will change. I consider myself a Pop Art successor and try to develop as the classical ideas and introduce new elements.

AN: What’s next for you?

RS: I have a lot of ideas that I would like to realize. At the moment I’m work on my solo exhibition. It will be very big and very special event. Also, I will continue my experiments in fashion design, photography and video.

AN: Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

RS: I’d like to underscore that I have nothing but respect to the personalities in my paintings, and that I do not render political beliefs through my work.

Art Nouveau

lunedì 6 febbraio 2012

Yareah Magazine / US

Graduated in Fine Arts in Russia and Italy, Rinat Shingareev has a cosmopolitan vision of our world, so busy and noisy that only a brush of saturated colors and a mind of electric thoughts can imagine.

As a successor of Pop Art, he uses the daily images of famous and powerful people, which appears in newspapers, adverts and TV (our current icons), to approach them to unknown and ordinary viewers, who admire (and sometimes fear) those personalities so far from their environment, so influential in their decisions.

But Madonna (at home) is not different to our neighbor and even Berlusconi can result friendly in Rinat’s canvas.

We are mankind, we all have our dreams and fears: Does Berlusconi want to be a Roman emperor? Does Madonna to be a nun? Do you want to be the president of the United States? Who does not? Everybody has wanted to be the King Arthur in a sleepless night (others, a little crazier, Napoleon).

Madonna, by Rinat Shingareev

With his technically perfect portraits, Rinat Shingareev wants to question people role in society, because nobody is so different if you see them with new colors in a new dimension: from Elisabeth I to Elisabeth II of England only a dress and a smile is the gap (maybe the glasses too, the older queen would use a monocle) and from the prince Charles to a young in jeans only the fringe makes a difference.

Rinat is looking for unions, he dislikes disagrements: only positive emotions.

By ISartosa