venerdì 23 marzo 2012

Collection Magazine / Lebanon

"Born in Russia where he studied fine arts. Rinat Shingareev shows an interest in portraying prominent figures marking the time. Through provoking colorful oil on canvas images, he features world politicians, artist, sport champions, while recalling their path from a point of view that would be even shared by millions the world over."

venerdì 9 marzo 2012

Международная Жизнь / International Affairs / Russia

Поп-арт без границ

Глядя на работы 25-летнего художника Рината Шингареева (Rinat Shingareev), так и хочется сказать, что дело Энди Уорхолла живет и побеждает. После обучения в российской художественной школе, Шингареев с отличием окончил Художественную Академию Изящных Искусств в Италии. Родом из России, он вот уже десять лет живет и работает в Милане: «Я никогда не стою на месте, много путешествую. Новые места, культура, люди влияют на мое творчество». Картины этого художника можно очень точно интерпретировать как достойные образцы продолжения стиля «поп-арт», который не очень свойственен российскому искусству. Но, тем не менее, Ринату удалось в точности передать нюансы стиля. «Я верю, что суть поп-арта всегда будет актуальна, только тенденции будут меняться» («Art and Aesthetic Aces: Is Rinat Shingareev the Best Artist Alive?» Art Nouveau Magazine / US, 22 febbraio 2012).

Его работы полны положительных эмоций и не могут не привлекать к себе внимание. Популярность и интерес к ним подтверждает тот факт, что на аукционе Sotheby's в 2008 году работы Шингареева были куплены за серьезные деньги - 6,8 млн. евро. Сейчас полным ходом идет работа над первой персональной выставкой. Сам художник считает себя продолжателем традиций поп-арта и, написанные им портреты политиков и знаменитостей, - прямое тому подтверждение. Ко всем персонажам своих работ Ринат Шингареев относится с юмором и уважением и считает, что искусство должно нести только положительную энергетику и позитивные эмоции. «Достижение реализма не является главной целью моего творчества. Но яркие краски и насыщенные цвета, различные переходы и большое количество деталей помогают мне рассказать больше и конкретнее о моем персонаже или передать главную идею. Но я не продвигаю таким образом какие-либо политические убеждения».

Елена Шашкина, редактор журнала «Международная жизнь»

Khaleejesque Magazine / Kuwait


When we first learned about artist Rinat Shingareev, we all felt a sense of admiration for a young man who achieved his dream of painting for a living. But what caught our eye most of all, was not the fact that he worked as a painter, but the fact that his paintings were something to talk about.

Rinat paints pop culture icons; whether they are actually popular on unpopular in the viewer’s eyes is unimportant. What’s important is the way he paints them; slightly comical, somewhat graphic, but with great attention to detail.

Khaleejesque spoke to Rinat about art, success and the road to get there…

Tell us a little bit about your work…

I believe in the idea that my art should bring only positive emotions. I see myself as an observer who comments on things that surrounds us and as an artist who is able to turn a mix of saturated colors, unusual situations and familiar personalities into pop-art iconography. This brings about the success of my work. Many of my paintings portray personalities and faces that we meet only though newspapers, magazines, on-line, TV screens or on the radio. In my paintings I invite you [the viewers] to look at these unapproachable personalities from a different point of view, one which reveals more of their human qualities. Also I just wanted to mention that I have nothing but respect for the personalities in my paintings, and that I do not render political beliefs through my work.

When did you start and why?

I always had that overwhelming urge to draw and create something new and explore my artistic abilities. I was six years old when I began studying at art school and from those early years I came to understand that art was the driving power and meaning of my life. I realized at a very early stage of my life that only through my painting I am able to completely communicate my thoughts, talk about myself, things that surround and inspire me and the times I am living in. I see myself being an artist as a destined fate, and that was pretty much clear to me from the moment I first picked up a brush and applied my first lines to the canvas. “What’s meant for you, won’t pass you by” – the saying applies to me perfectly!

Talk to us a little bit about yourself..

My art education career began in Russia, where I finished a fine arts school and took a multitude of courses from interior design to web design. Those years also involved a lot of gallery shows of my paintings. Later on, I continued my education in Italy, where I finished the Fine Art Academy with honors. My works have been exhibited in group shows throughout Italy, Germany and Austria and I’ve appeared in many international magazines. My paintings are done with oils on canvas.

Was it hard establishing yourself as an artist?

It was a very long and difficult way. I work a lot and always reach for the goal. I’m in love with my art. This is my life. But despite all difficulties, I am very glad that I am engaged in what I’ve always dreamed of.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I realize my ideas and create something new. The desire to see the final result is my main inspiration. I travel a lot. New places and interesting people also inspire me and bring new elements into my art.

What is your favorite subject to work on?

I prefer to do portraits because the main purpose of my art is to transmit the spirit of an epoch through the people who play large roles in various spheres of our society, from politics to showbiz. I represent the reality around me, just like Andy Warhol who told his era through the portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

What is your medium of choice (paint, watercolor, etc)?

I prefer to work with oil paints, because I think it is the most convenient and versatile material for the realization of my ideas. Basically I do portraits and I think that only oil painting can convey the full richness of colors and different transitions. I also use photo and video in some of my projects.

Do you change your work with time, or do you have a certain style that you stick with?

I am very glad that I’ve found my style, which I adhere to, while still young. Certainly over the years, my art is evolving and adding new elements, as well as absorbing my changing view of the world; but in all my works you can see my personal style. I’m at the beginning of my way and I am sure that with each new work my art will become brighter and more courageous especially.

Who are your personal favorite artists (living or dead)?

At the Art Academy I learned a lot of material and was very impressed with Pop artists, even my thesis has been devoted to them. I especially like the art and philosophy of Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns. Andy Warhol was a genius who advanced art in his time. His vision of the things and ideas were revolutionary and forever changed the art industry.

Finally, any advice to young artists who have talent and aspirations?

The only advice I can give to young artists is to devote themselves to art and to work 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year. We live in a world of high technology where you need to use every opportunity to present your art to people around the world.

- Khaleejesque Staff

Khaleejesque Magazine

Idealog Magazine / New Zealand

                                         When art and pop culture collide

Russian artist Rinat Shingareev inhabits a curious world, if his work is anything to go by – one saturated with rich, vibrant colour and plugged into the biggest celebs and memes pop culture today has to offer.

Politics and music collide in his hyper-realistic renderings of a tearful George W Bush, a cackling Queen, a martyred Madonna.

But he's adamant his work is respectful and never political – every piece begins with the notion that it should trigger only positive response.

Shingareev identifies himself as an observer, commenting on these unapproachable personalities from a different – more human – point of view. 

Now residing in Italy, his career began with an education in fine arts, including courses in everything from interior design to web design, led him to painting and exhibiting in group shows throughout Italy, Germany and Austria. 

His canvas oils have appeared in international magazines and Italian Maxim named him one of the most talented artists in the world.

He's got other things on the go, too, recently releasing a small line of T-shirts and caps, and working on an autobiographical book, a collaboration on a music album and a short film. 

But thankfully, no plans to abandon painting yet.

By Esther Goh