domenica 8 gennaio 2012

IDOL Magazine / UK

"Born in Russia where he was educated in fine arts from a young age, Rinat Shingareev took an early interest in the subject, for which he showed an affinity and talent. Later moving to Italy to attend the Fine Arts Academy he has been described by Italian Maxim as “one of the most talented artists in the world”. Now based in London Shingareev continues to paint vibrant and thought provoking pieces. 
Describing his work as “Pop-art Iconography” the paintings feature a combinations of pop culture icons and prominent world politicians. Using such figures on these colourful oil on canvas images, allow the artist to situate them firmly in the time in which he exists. The pictures portray often juxtaposing images- George Bush hugging what appears to be the Easter bunny, Silvio Berlusconi mounted on his very own Mount Rushmore and Madonna looking ethereal with a halo of machine gun shells, are just a few examples." Rose Swingler

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