lunedì 6 febbraio 2012

Yareah Magazine / US

Graduated in Fine Arts in Russia and Italy, Rinat Shingareev has a cosmopolitan vision of our world, so busy and noisy that only a brush of saturated colors and a mind of electric thoughts can imagine.

As a successor of Pop Art, he uses the daily images of famous and powerful people, which appears in newspapers, adverts and TV (our current icons), to approach them to unknown and ordinary viewers, who admire (and sometimes fear) those personalities so far from their environment, so influential in their decisions.

But Madonna (at home) is not different to our neighbor and even Berlusconi can result friendly in Rinat’s canvas.

We are mankind, we all have our dreams and fears: Does Berlusconi want to be a Roman emperor? Does Madonna to be a nun? Do you want to be the president of the United States? Who does not? Everybody has wanted to be the King Arthur in a sleepless night (others, a little crazier, Napoleon).

Madonna, by Rinat Shingareev

With his technically perfect portraits, Rinat Shingareev wants to question people role in society, because nobody is so different if you see them with new colors in a new dimension: from Elisabeth I to Elisabeth II of England only a dress and a smile is the gap (maybe the glasses too, the older queen would use a monocle) and from the prince Charles to a young in jeans only the fringe makes a difference.

Rinat is looking for unions, he dislikes disagrements: only positive emotions.

By ISartosa

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