venerdì 9 marzo 2012

Idealog Magazine / New Zealand

                                         When art and pop culture collide

Russian artist Rinat Shingareev inhabits a curious world, if his work is anything to go by – one saturated with rich, vibrant colour and plugged into the biggest celebs and memes pop culture today has to offer.

Politics and music collide in his hyper-realistic renderings of a tearful George W Bush, a cackling Queen, a martyred Madonna.

But he's adamant his work is respectful and never political – every piece begins with the notion that it should trigger only positive response.

Shingareev identifies himself as an observer, commenting on these unapproachable personalities from a different – more human – point of view. 

Now residing in Italy, his career began with an education in fine arts, including courses in everything from interior design to web design, led him to painting and exhibiting in group shows throughout Italy, Germany and Austria. 

His canvas oils have appeared in international magazines and Italian Maxim named him one of the most talented artists in the world.

He's got other things on the go, too, recently releasing a small line of T-shirts and caps, and working on an autobiographical book, a collaboration on a music album and a short film. 

But thankfully, no plans to abandon painting yet.

By Esther Goh

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