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Rinat Shingareev

Pop Art became a global phenomenon in the 20th Century. Almost a shake of the fist against the Art Establishment, it was nonetheless much appreciated in a rapidly evolving society thirsting for the new and outrageous. Further, it worked very well with contemporary design and decoration as a dramatic focal point within those bland, clinical interiors denuded of colour and texture.

Rinat Shingareev is a Russian artist now living and painting in Italy. As a follower of ‘the historical movement of Pop Art’ he says that he was, and is still, inspired by Andy Warhol in particular. ‘At the time of my graduation thesis I studied his life in detail and I do consider him a genius of his era. A man who was ahead of his time, one who was able to change the world of art.

‘Personally, my biggest inspiration is the desire to see all my ideas executed in the best possible way. All my works are painted in oil on canvas. For me it’s the most convenient material through which I can create a play of light and shadow, various contrasts and render countless shades of one colour. Various transitions in my work and unexpected colour combinations help in the best way to describe my personage and also reveal the details of my character.’

Is there anything else this quite unique artist wishes to achieve in the future; in art or other fields of endeavour?

He says: ‘I have a lot of ideas that I would like to realise. At the moment I’m working on a solo exhibition. It will be a big and special show, yet despite the fact that all of my time and attention is focused on this event, I also take part in other projects including collaborations with the printing of editions, experiment in fashion design, music and my autobiography.’

Sep/Oct 2013 Issue

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